Nick and Des’ future

At my writers’ group on Saturday, I told them I was having a real hard time finishing the Prenup from Hell. I know how it ends. I know how they get there, but I’m having a bitch of a time writing it.

My friends both pointed out it’s because I’m afraid to let go of the characters. They’re family at this point, and I do love them. Shaleatha Palmore told me the best thing to do was to figure out what comes next.

I’ve always planned on Prenup being the first in a series, and after a lot of brainstorming with Shaleatha and Andi Van, I’ve decided the next project will be the Babysitters from Hell.

I’ll also be editing/polishing/rewriting Toya’s novel, so I have a plan.

Plans make Jenn happy.

Sometimes, they even make her productive.


Spent the morning redoing my Patreon to make it more active and hopefully a better read for my patrons. It’ll still include chapters of whatever original project I’m working on, but I’m going to share my RPG writing and some fanfic on there too. I’ve been posting my fanfic on AO3 for years, but my patrons will get to read the stuff a couple of weeks in advance.

Also now that I’m using Jenn Moffatt instead of Lee Jay Stura, I should kill my Facebook Page. It’s convenient that it’ll link to here automatically, but it really doesn’t take that long to hit the share button or paste a link where I need it.

My cat is sprawled on the arm of my chair, and his floofy tail keeps tickling my armpit. He’s a huge cat. His name is Badger, and I’m his favorite person–like almost a dog’s person–which is nice except it’s really hot today.

Organizing my time

I’ve made the decision to make March the month I finish writing the Prenup from Hell. To do that, I’ve taken myself off the active list for my editing job. It’s hard for me to shift from editing brain to writing brain, and since I never know when I’m going to get an editing assignment, this seemed like the most logical choice.

My goal’s to add another 15 to 20K words to the manuscript, and since I know how it ends, why Des and Nick are being put through the wringer, and who’s pulling their strings, I’ve really got no excuse not to finish it.

Can I do that in a month? Hell yeah. I’ve done NANOWRIMO several times. I’ll pound out the new stuff, and then before it goes up on my Patreon, I’ll edit/clean it up.

I can do this.

I have to do this.

Reading, Writing, and Editing

Hope you noticed the Oxford comma in the title. I am a believer in the power of the properly placed comma. I’ve been a contract editor for Dreamspinner Press for almost 7 years now, and it’s been a learning experience. I really love doing it. Helping another writer polish their work might be my true calling. I do wish more people understood the difference between an editor and a proofreader, but that is well beyond my control. Needless to say–it’s not the same thing.

It’s made me a better writer too. Made me very much aware of my own bad habits like repetition and making too many assumptions that my reader knows what the hell I’m talking about. I can blame part of that on my being a research junkie. When I find something that interests me, I dig in. I watch all the documentaries. I read online. I read books. Hell, when I was writing Dead Man’s Hand, I went to the San Diego Maritime Museum to tour the Berkeley, which is the ferry Denver takes from San Francisco to Oakland after the Great San Francisco Earthquake.

But all that editing has made me a much slower and more critical reader. I used to be able to blast through a book a day, which also might be due to all the distractions of our age of technology, but I do think a lot of it is I’m unconsciously picking apart what I’m reading and don’t want to. I really want to just read a book. Slip into someone else’s world and escape, but instead I’m filling my head with what-ifs and how could this have been done better?


Inserting the villain

I debated whether or not to add villain chapters to the Prenup from Hell for a long time. Some people don’t like them, but then some people don’t like flashbacks either and I LOVE those. (I blame Highlander for that addiction.) I also happen to love writing bad guys. It’s fun to take a walk on the dark side.

I’m at a good point in Prenup where I could easily (yeah right) insert a chapter with the villain. I know the motivation. I know they hold the key to solving the entire problem that my characters are going through–not that I’m going to give that away in chapter nine–but it feels right to bring them into play.

It’s not as if I’m writing first person where you don’t get to see the villain from any perspective than the ‘hero’. Hopefully my readers find the villain to be an interesting character.