This is Carter Price

Name: Carter Alton Price Alias: Jack Bristow Born: April 3, 1972, Las Vegas, NV Embrace: Feb 16, 2010, Los Angeles, CA Clan: Ventrue Sire: Ivan Spalko (Blood Bound) Generation: Prey: Military, Cops, Firemen, men in uniform… Nature: TBD Demeanor: TBD Occupation: Fixer—you got a problem he takes care of it. Former Air Force fighter pilot, […]

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How RP broke my writer’s block

I’d been suffering from writer’s block for a few years caused by a blanket of depression that I didn’t realize was going on. Someday I might talk more about that, but for now let’s just say it sucked. I could write some fanfic, but original writing was out of the question my brain would not […]

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