Over on Facebook…

This week I’ve joined a few groups for Urban Fantasy writers and fans. Doing my extrovert thing to do some bonding with others who write my genre. I used to have tons of UF writers–many of them bestsellers–as friends on Livejournal before my stalker made me withdraw from my connections.
I don’t talk about her anymore. Because that gives her attention although I doubt she’s paying any to me anymore, but that nut job cost me a lot of good friends because she started to hound them, which as busy authors they did not appreciate. Cutting off contact with them seemed like the best thing to do, but now I realize I probably shouldn’t have done that.
Oh well, it’s not as if they gave lessons in how to deal with obsessed internet stalkers when I was in school. Do they do that now? They probably should.

Jenn Moffatt & Lee Jay Stura

So here’s the real reason I was going with Lee Jay Stura, my one and only book on Amazon was published with that name on it, and I did not want the 10 people who bought it to be confused. I also intend to use Denver in future books, because I have a whole slew of vampires with stories to tell.

But I’ve since decided to not do the new books in 1st person like Dead Man’s Hand¬†and since I want to be able to put the boys in each others’ books that means third person is necessary.

This will mean a cover update for Dead Man’s Hand at some point to say, “Jenn Moffatt writing as Lee Jay Stura” or something else pretentious. LOL

I’ve secured jennmoffattwrites and have leejaysturawrites. Next month I’ll work on making a viable website and up my social media use. Right now I need to sort out chapter 8 of the Prenup From Hell for next Monday’s Patreon.