Organizing my time

I’ve made the decision to make March the month I finish writing the Prenup from Hell. To do that, I’ve taken myself off the active list for my editing job. It’s hard for me to shift from editing brain to writing brain, and since I never know when I’m going to get an editing assignment, […]

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Feeling rather blue

In case you didn’t know, I lost my mom 10 days before Christmas, and it’s still hitting me hard. This isn’t a case of not realizing how important someone was in my life when they are gone. I know she was important. We talked almost every day on various instant messengers over the years, and […]

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Does it count?

as failure? I attempted to migrate the site over to .org because I wanted a custom email address. I fought the panels, the passwords, and the endless pages of ‘tutorials’ that were ‘simple’, and this morning I said, “Fuck this!” I cancelled the new host and getting my money back because it just flat out […]

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Reading, Writing, and Editing

Hope you noticed the Oxford comma in the title. I am a believer in the power of the properly placed comma. I’ve been a contract editor for Dreamspinner Press for almost 7 years now, and it’s been a learning experience. I really love doing it. Helping another writer polish their work might be my true […]

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Over on Patreon

There are 8 chapters of the Prenup from Hell posted on my Patreon. Prenup from Hell is a love/hate story. It’s a cross between Constantine and Mr. & Mrs. Smith–only it’s two misters. One’s a lawyer the other’s a Food Network Star. One’s evil and the other’s a Demon. There’s adventure, violence, vicious villains, intrigue, […]

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Inserting the villain

I debated whether or not to add villain chapters to the Prenup from Hell for a long time. Some people don’t like them, but then some people don’t like flashbacks either and I LOVE those. (I blame Highlander for that addiction.) I also happen to love writing bad guys. It’s fun to take a walk […]

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Over on Facebook…

This week I’ve joined a few groups for Urban Fantasy writers and fans. Doing my extrovert thing to do some bonding with others who write my genre. I used to have tons of UF writers–many of them bestsellers–as friends on Livejournal before my stalker made me withdraw from my connections. I don’t talk about her […]

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