Sunday, Rainy, Sunday

I’m having a hard time waking up, which is probably because it’s cold and gray. It was beautiful yesterday when Andi Van and I went on a meandering joyride around town. But today, I just want a blanket and tea.

FINALLY have characters and plot worked out for the project. I even have a title! I also only have 3 weeks to get it done, but being the procrastinator that I am, that’s just fine. I do better when I’m closer to my deadline. Must be the journalist in me.

While I wasn‘t writing, I was redoing the PRG website. I’m very happy with how it’s set up now. If you haven’t seen it since I first became the webslinger, drop on by and have a look at (Reece did the banner, and it’s awesome.)

They review all types of books, not just paranormal romance, so if you’d like a review, send in a request.

PRG Facebook

January Catch Up (Because I forgot to post)

Had a bout of the flu take me out for two weeks in January. I seriously almost went to the ER, and anyone who knows me, knows that I could be bleeding from losing a body part before I willingly go to the doctor let alone the ER. I was coughing so hard that I was afraid I would forget how to breathe. Thank god for good old Vicks Vaporizers though. Helped tons once I was functional enough to get one.

Beyond on the flu, I had a successful month of rebuilding the Paranormal Romance Guild’s website. I’m their webmaster, which is pretty cool, and I do some volunteering for them on the side, because I have skills they need. My Public Relations focus from Journalism school plus my years in advertising for Time Warner do have practical uses. Who knew?

So I did a website makeover, added blog tours to their spate of member services, and worked 3x more than normal to help get the Reviewers Choice Awards done for 2019. Now I’ve got a year to figure out a better way to do them that’s less primitive.

Writing-wise, I did a stupid thing. I fell into the—it has to be perfect—pit, which means I was NOT writing. I was thinking. I was plotting. I was freaked out because of the pressure of the secret project and feeling unworthy….But I did manage to eek out a chapter yesterday. Of course this means, I need to bust my ass all month to get it done on time. I’ve always been a procrastinator. I freely admit it, but I am a procrastinator that still gets it done on time.

I just do better with less time.


Trekkie Time – Picard Countdown #1

I read the first issue of IDW’s Picard Countdown last night, and all I can say is WOW! I’m not a huge TNG fan. I like 99% of the characters, but the show is the last on my list whenever I grade the series. It was so ‘humans are better than everyone else and don’t you want to be like us?’ Thankfully most of that attitude went away in the movies and in the later series.

But while TNG isn’t my favorite, I do love IDW’s Countdown issues. They add so much background information to fill in the gaps. Seriously if you read the Countdowns for the Kelvin timeline, you’ll like it a hell of a lot more.

The Picard series starts out strong. Jean-Luc is caught between his ingrained beliefs of right and wrong, faced with a powerful adversary with different values than his own. The Federation is trying to save as many Romulans as they can before the supernova, but Picard is challenged when he is caught wondering if they deserve it.

The Romulans are not human. They don’t have that innate humanity the Federation prides itself on, and I’m hoping they have enough panels to explore how that fits into the Prime Directive. How do you swallow your human pride to help people who are just as proud not to be like you?


I feel like my mom

Harley and Badger have been racing through the house, hissing, growling, and tearing things up for over an hour. Gus, the poor dog, has been Velcro’d to me in fear that the big, evil cats will turn on his, but to be fair to the cats, he ALWAYS thinks they’re out to get him.

I just put an end to their fun and games with the squirt bottle, which is where I feel like my mom–not because she would take a squirt bottle to my brother and me (although I bet she would’ve loved doing that)–but because I broke up their fun.

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